Brainy, der Hausaufgaben-Coach

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Stop the daily trouble with homework! 

 Techniques to effectively do homework by Dr. Ch. Wölk & Dipl. Ing. (FH) A. 


 It's like a wrestling match: mom (or dad) tries to shoot at the 

To set homework, but still has to do something more important. With the 

'Stay tuned' it is then the same problem: just something to drink, call someone 

and, and, and ... 

Sure thing: The stress factor is not the subject matter itself, but the way the 

Child's approach to the tasks. 

With Brainy the child learns behaviors of the successful coping 

Homework is useful. The training concept, but also the games 

Relaxation instructions, tips and fantasy trips were to the latest 

scientific evidence to support concentration and learning 

developed and have proven excellent in practice. 

Even with AD (H) D children! 

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