Every 2 Minutes a Ping

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Ever felt that you have been too pressured over work? Too frustrated because you couldn't get everything done in a day? Too stressed out because of the demands from your every day life? Then, why not pause for a bit from that hectic schedule and fast-paced modern life of yours? Take a break and free yourself from those negative vibes that is consuming you. Remember, that whenever you are in a calm, focused and healthy mind state, you can always complete your tasks and responsibilities more efficiently and productively. And what better way it is to achieve that inner peace and balance in life than to meditate.

Yes! A short 6 -15 minute meditation can help you relax not just your mind but your body as well from those poisonous stress and pressures of work. And to fully get the most out of that short break is for you to listen to the relaxing music of Hilmar Hajek and Andreas Seebeck. A ping for every 2 minutes helps you to concentrate your thoughts into this healthy engagement exercise as the ping will bring your thoughts concentrated back into your meditation enabling you to take control of your mind, helping you remove those chains that binds you together with stress and depression. The music can be used to increase the effectivity for all forms of meditation practices or healing methods like Reiki, Jin Shin Jiutsu or the Healing Code. Try it now and see how effective it can be for you! Many have already tried it so why not grab that opportunity of being able to enjoy life to the fullest!


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